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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEW on Asmama: 20/01/2011

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Early Bird Special (7% Discount Coupon).*If the [7% Voucher] still appears in the item's page, it still applies. For selected NEW items only. Hurry & Grab them!
Swan earrings
USD6.94/ RM23.36
Heart Crown Earrings
USD6.94/ RM23.36

Small crown coin Ring
USD9.72/ RM32.70
Petit Ribbon Earrings
USD6.25/ RM21.02

Mini Angel button Earring
USD9.72/ RM32.70
Cubic Ribbon ensemble Earring
USD9.72/ RM32.70

Snow white Earring
USD8.33/ RM28.03
Lady bug two-pin earrings
USD6.94/ RM23.36


Monday, December 27, 2010

Asmama: 27/12/2010

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Dice clock necklace
USD9.72/ RM32.70
Cute Carp ☆ Earrings
USD9.72/ RM32.70

Longhua Sea Star Earring
USD8.33/ RM28.03
Girls and boys LOVE
USD5.56/ RM18.68

Christmas Weed Earring
USD8.33/ RM28.03
Antique crystal bangles Earring
USD6.94/ RM23.36

T minibin Earring
USD5.56/ RM18.68
Ed rabbit ear
USD13.89/ RM46.71

Snowman Couple Earring
USD6.94/ RM23.36
Christmas Collection Earring
USD6.94/ RM23.36

Heart mittens Earring (set)
USD6.94/ RM23.36
Snail cubic Necklace
USD11.11/ RM37.37


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Asmama: Non-Piercing Earrings #7 (Type:Button&Clip)

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Inside of a round pearl Button Clip-on
USD6.94/ RM23.36
Pearl buttons, double cubic Clip-on
USD11.11/ RM37.37

Mink buttons ribbons beads Clip-on
USD9.03/ RM30.36
Mini flower buttons Clip-on
USD13.89/ RM46.71

Candy buttons ensemble Clip-on
USD12.50/ RM42.04
Cubic button snails Clip-on
USD9.72/ RM32.70

Sunflower button pearl Clip-on
USD13.89/ RM46.71
Bell flower button Clip-on
USD13.89/ RM46.71

Mink Felt Ribbon button Clip-on
USD6.94/ RM23.36
Pandora pearl round buttons Clip-on
USD10.42/ RM35.03

Royal Flower Button Clip-on
USD9.72/ RM32.70
Squares curve-line button Clip-on
USD9.72/ RM32.70

Simple pearl buttons Clip-on
USD5.56/ RM18.68
Cubic pearl buttons ensemble Clip-on
USD15.28/ RM51.38

Rose button Clip-on
USD12.50/ RM42.04
Barney Shining round button Clip-on
USD13.89/ RM46.71

BB Round Cubic button Clip-on
USD13.89/ RM46.71
Double diamond julran button Clip-on
USD20.83/ RM70.07


Friday, November 26, 2010

Asmama: New MAN-Style Items (Kpop Idol's Fashion)

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Simple view seen piercings (single)
USD2.78/ RM9.34
Kitty Cat Smiley Ring
USD3.47/ RM11.68

Black-coated magnetic cubic
USD4.17/ RM14.01
St shiny tools Earring (single)
USD5.56/ RM18.68

St YoSeob bracelet
USD8.33/ RM28.03
Alma Logo dimensional Earrings
USD9.72/ RM32.70

Animal Farm Cellphone
USD4.86/ RM16.35
Love the unique three-dimensional Ring
USD5.56/ RM18.68

Simple Cell Con st piercing (single)
USD6.94/ RM23.36
Unique bracelets Cubic Initial
USD15.28/ RM51.38

Mini-ball magnet cubic magnet
USD6.25/ RM21.02
Shiny piercing rounds (single)
USD4.86/ RM16.35

Color Melody Ring
USD4.86/ RM16.35
Candy Girl Cellphone
USD3.47/ RM11.68

Piercing golden record (single)
USD5.56/ RM18.68
Star Star Line Ring
USD5.56/ RM18.68

Comply with simple black st Earring (silver)
USD9.72/ RM32.70
R-sided three-dimensional heart
USD6.94/ RM23.36


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Simple Korean Language Guide...


안녕하세요: ahn nyeong ha seh yo: Hello/Hi

감사합니다: kam sa ham ni da: Thank you


Korean Colors

Indigo/Navy blue - nam saek-남색

Red - ppalgan saek-빨간색

Yellow - noran saek-노란색

Brown - galsaek-갈색

Blue - paran saek-파란색

White - hayan saek-하얀색 / or 흰 heen

Green - chorok saek-초록색

Black - geomjeong saek-검정색 / or

keom eun saek-검은색

Orange - joo hwang saek-주황색

Purple - pora saek-보라색

Rainbow - moo ji gae-무지개


Earrings - 귀걸이

Necklace - 목걸이

Ring - 반지

Bracelets - 팔찌


Google translate

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1. Spree starts every Monday, ends every Sunday.
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5. Payment: Full payment upon confirmation, must be prompt, otherwise your order will be carry forward to next spree.
1. Minimum Order: Minimum order = USD34.73 (RM116.32). Additional shipping fee (USD3.50) applies if minimum amount is not met.
2. Shipping Method: Small Parcel Airmail direct from KOREA to your door-step, or EMS (chargeable accordingly)
** Low Shipping cost/order by Airmail: from US$3(RM10.05) for Asia, and US$4.00 for US & Europe (applies to 1-4 items). Subject to Final confirmation.
** Optional Registration number = USD2.20 (RM7.80)
3. Waiting time: 3-5 days to get the order shipped. Then it depends on lead time to International destination. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
WHOLESALE : can be arranged (min. 100pcs) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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8. No cancellation is allowed after confirmation of orders
9. Packing: Small Parcel or Manufacturer's Standard Packing
10. Origin: Replublic of Korea
11. Manufacturer: Asmama
12. Insurance: N/A (Optional for EMS and Pos Malaysia)
13. Inspection: Manufacturer's to be final
14. There might be slight colour differences due to the lighting and quality of pictures.
15. Import Fees is not included in your quotation. Your ordered item/s may be subject to import tax, custom duties and fees levied by destination country ("Import Fees"). Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by customer. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, please contact your local customs office for further information.
16. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimated day.
17. By placing an order, you agree to the our terms & conditions.
Thank you (^.^)

KOREA Ring Size Measurement Guide:

1. Prepare paper length 150mm & width 7mm.
2. Attach paper tightly around desired part of finger, mark with pen and measure with ruler.
3. Following grades are your size. ※Tightly attach paper to finger※ (tolerance ±0.5mm)
Note: Man/Lady median ring size
- unmarried lady's size: 10-12
- married lady's size: 11~14
- man's median size: 17-18


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